Strawberry Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry Kush Marijuana Seeds


Strawberry Kush is an Indica dominant weed, although it certainly has Sativa genetics in its make-up and in fact it smokes more like a Sativa than an Indica. Growers in California created this marijuana by crossing OG Kush with Strawberry Cough (Strawberry Kush Marijuana Seeds) both popular strains in their own right on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Strawberry Kush Marijuana Seeds (Fem)

When you light this weed up, you’ll immediately detect pine, citrus and, yes, strawberry! This fruity combination gives a clean flavor and the hit is mentally stimulating, leaving you alert and ready for action. It’s a good daytime smoke, since it won’t lay you out on the couch. Medically it can help with appetite loss and stress.

The plants grow to medium height indoors although can grow quite tall if left to their own devices outdoors. The thin-fingered leaves are bright green and the buds are thick and sticky and covered in orange to red hairs. The clever folks at the Montana BioTech laboratory have measured the THC content of Strawberry Kush weed content at 16.7 percent.

Indoors, you can grow Strawberry Kush seeds in soil or hydro mediums and it responds well to the SOG method. Flowering time is eight to nine weeks and you can expect medium sized yields.

Outdoor growing is fine if you live somewhere with a Mediterranean climate or warmer and plants should be ready for harvest around mid-October.

Strawberry Kush comes recommended for those that like a fruity tasting smoke that offers an active, stimulating high.


Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 25% – 75% Indica dominant
THC Level High at 17% – 19%
CBD (Medical) Low
Height Compact (25/100 cm – 10″/37″)
Yield Very high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23 oz/11ft²)
Flowering period Short (55 days)
Climate Temperate / continental
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Beginner