Sativa Marijuana Strains

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain


Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a Sativa marijuana strain known sometimes as ATF. This strain has many medicinal applications, leaving users relaxed and happy.

Candy Skunk Marijuana Strain

21% THC 0.1% CBD

The Candy Skunk marijuana strain is a bright and engaging flower with a strong sweet and pungent aroma. A remarkable bud, this a lovely daytime strain.

Green Crack Marijuana Strain


Green Crack Marijuana Strain is a Sativa marijuana strain originally known as Cush. No matter its name, this strain will leave you feeling energetic, happy and uplifted. Given its new title by none other than Snoop Dogg, this strain enjoys plenty of famous friends thanks to its potent buzz and conversation stimulating effects.

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain


Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain is an immensely popular Sativa marijuana strain. It is well suited to relieve stress, leaving you feeling creative, energized and happy. With its unique flavors and aromas and infamous potency, Sour Diesel is well loved in the marijuana community. Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain is high THC levels may mean it isn’t the best strain for cannabis newbies.